A fans digital scrapbook charting the clubs fortunes since 1983
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Auchinleck - 22/01/22


Our Throwback match takes us to Tynecastle in 2012 which saw our winning cup run start with a tough 1-0 win.



“Hearts supporters of my generation will view the splendid Amoruso Lets It Run website somewhat dewy-eyed. Here is a veritable plethora of videos of Hearts games from the past, mostly from the decade that style forgot – the 1980s – although there are also clips from other years. You can spend hours on here indulging in games of yesteryear and momentarily escaping the nightmare that is 2020.


Many of these videos can, of course, be seen on YouTube but ALIR has them conveniently packaged in a easy to view guide that enables you to flick from season to season. For the more sadistic Hearts fan there’s even that game at Dens Park in 1986 when Albert Kidd broke thousands of Hearts...


There’s even footage of Hearts Tennent’s Sixes triumph in 1985 as well as clips from other years of this iconic indoor tournament.


ALIR is still a website in its early stages but with features such as My Hearts XI (starting with Sky Sports commentator Ian ‘Ominous’ Crocker) and Player Profiles it’s a lovingly created whiff of nostalgia which is a must for Hearts fans of all generations but particularly those who will not see 50 again.”

Mike Smith - Author Of The Team For Me - 50 Years Of Following Hearts