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Stephane Adam - My Hearts XI

Updated: Feb 24


Could have been Anti Niemi. Both were great goalkeepers with different styles but when Gilles played for Hearts he was at his peak as a player.

Experienced, calm, great in the air, good shoot stopper, decisive in big games and a fantastic man and team mate. Man of the match on a certain 16/05/98 !!


Fantastic energy and good technique that made him efficient on crossing and passing. Only injuries stopped him for being even more rated.

Gary and his passion for Hearts are one of the reasons I have fallen in love with the club.


Paul was only 23 when I started to play with him and his maturity was really impressive.

Efficient technically & a very good all round defender. Always gave 100% to the cause.


David was a fantastic centre back. Intelligent, calm, always very concentrated and rightly positioned, great in the air, very good passer of the ball (short and long) and could score goals on set pieces.

You just have to look at his cv to know.


Great energy, fast, good technique on crossing and passing.

What impressed me the most is the confidence he shown when he came as a number 1 choice in the team at such an early age.

His career in the EPL later on speak for itself.


The all round gifted player. Fantastic technique, good in the air, great passer of the ball, intelligent, could have played in any position of the pitch.

It never happened but I am pretty sure he would have been a sensation even as a goalkeeper.


First of all a gentleman and the Italian class. The experience he did get from his early days at AC Milan and in Serie A was a gift for Hearts.

He was the balance of the midfield, his positioning was essential to allow others to go forward. Efficient technically, he made difficult things look easy.


Typically the kind of player I loved to play with. Fantastic energy, always next to me to support and combine, good defender, good goal-scorer, perfect box to box midfielder.


Neil was a game winner and he remains one of the fastest player I played with.

Scored goals and set up plenty of others. His ability to take on players and to make a difference on his own was remarkable !!


On his day Steve was a first class player, his left foot was top level and his vision and ability to pass the ball a gift for the strikers. And what a guy Baggio is !


What Robbo achieved for Hearts speaks for itself and his record will last forever.

Amazing ability to score goals from nothing and always at the right place at the right time. Its called talent.

It's a shame I arrived at the club when John was nearly at the end of his career. I am pretty sure that our partnership would have been killer if I had signed earlier in my career.


Takis Fyssas - Never played with the guy but from what I have seen from him I certainly would have loved that. He looked experienced, composed and first class. A European championship winner... not bad !!

Rudi Skacel - Yet again never played with the guy but I would have loved that. Gifted player, his left foot looked amazing, scored spectacular goals, decisive in big games and seemed really devoted to the hearts cause.

Gary Mackay - Gary left the club when I arrived and I am sorry we never played together. His energy, composure and commitment for Hearts were amazing

Jim Hamilton - Jim wasn't the most spectacular striker I played with but his ability to score goals was top level. Headers, left or right foot, in any position he was a threat for the opposition.

Antti Niemi - Great and spectacular goalkeeper. Could have been my number 1 choice. He should have tightened his legs when he played against me

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